Stroke in working age adults

Stroke can happen to anyone of any age. Men are at greater risk of stroke and as we get older our risk increases. However, stroke is preventable for many. Some of the causes include high blood pressure, being overweight, smoking, high cholesterol, a high intake of alcohol and diabetes.

30% of all strokes in Australia affect working age adults (those under 65). The impact can be significant in the lives of breadwinners and those in employment at the time of stroke. The reasons why they occur are discussed in this Recover/Me Episode with 3 stories from people in their 40s talking about the circumstances, response and management of their stroke. These patient stories have been supplied by The Stroke Foundation.

Presented by Recover/Me host Dr Ann-Maree Kurzydlo, the episode includes interviews with Professor Vincent Thijs from the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. Professor Vincent Thijs is a stroke neurologist and clinician researcher specialising in stroke with more than 15 years of experience in the field. In his career as clinician he has lead stroke units in Belgium and is now the Head of Stroke at Austin Health.

Being working age, the focus for a patient is typically returning to work. Dr Alyna Turner, a Senior Lecturer within Deakin University, has achieved a 71% return to work figure with stroke patients going through the RESET program in regional Victoria. The program is currently seeking 30 stroke patients. In the episode she talks about the way the program works.

As with all Recover/Me episodes, the chronic condition is explained for the consumer or patient family member. With assistance from the Stroke Foundation, patient stories were captured as well as including the FAST signs to recognise the signs of stroke.

This Recover/Me episode on Stroke in Working Age Adults has been timed for release ahead of stroke awareness week.

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