Preparing for an AUDIENCED online interview

How we capture your interview by web conference
(interviewee-only style)

Last updated Mar 2022

At times, it may not be possible to send a camera operator to you to record an interview or a sound bite. However, what you can do is record an interview through web conference. By following these guidelines, you can help us record to a good standard of production.


  1. Avoid clothing that is striped or checked, otherwise it will create a strobing effect
  2. Avoid clothing that ‘washes’ you out. E.g. wearing a white shirt in front of a white wall


  1. Take the web conference call inside your home or office in a quiet area with no background noise.Avoid having a wall behind you.
  2. Find a window or lighting overhead, but light coming front of you (and behind your positioned device or computer ). See diagram on right
  3. Position your device or computer web cam at the same height as your face. You can sit or stand, but keep the web cam at eye-level.
  4. The device or computer should be no more than 1 metre away from you.
  5. If you are using a mobile phone, take the web conference by having your phone in landscape orientation only. If you are using a computer there is usually nothing to adjust.

  6. Your face and shoulders should fill approx 40% of the screen. Adjust seating if you appear too small or big.


  1. Questions have been provided beforehand and it’s best to have printed out or on your tablet/iPad to refer to. However avoid reading during the interview.
  2. Your interviewer will advise how long answers to questions should be
  3. As soon as the interview commences, the recording is started
  4. Your interviewer will take you through each question and advise if the answer needs to be repeated. This may be due to background noise, internet disruption/latency or to get a more complete answer.
  5. If additional cutaway footage has been requested, ask someone to film you working around your area prior to or after the web conference call. Limit to 30-40 secs of footage. This will be used at the very start of the piece.


To upload b-roll (cutaway) footage from your mobile phone or computer you can upload to our servers at

Note: It’s best to use Wi-Fi instead of your mobile data when uploading larger size or longer length footage.  

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