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Report from inaugural ARIIA Conference

In May 2023, Aged Care Research & Industry Innovation Australia held its inaugural conference at the Adelaide Oval. Titled, “Facing the Future: Aged Care 2030 and Beyond”, the conference featured the best and sharpest minds from several sectors across the aged care ecosystem for two days of inspiring debate and conversation.

Re Aged Care spoke with ARIIA Interim CEO, Reuben Jacob about the conference, the speakers, content and projects funded

Green House Homes coming to Australia

Green House homes for the elderly, also known as Green House eldercare or simply Green House homes, are a unique model of long-term care facilities designed to provide a more home-like and personalised environment for elderly residents. The concept was developed with the goal of transforming the traditional nursing home experience into a more intimate and engaging one.

Healthia, part of the ACH Group will be the first home in Australia where the U.S.-founded Green House Project (GHP) model of care is implemented.

Leaders in residential palliative care

In 2022, VMCH won the Future of Ageing Awards Palliative Care Category Award, for their specialist end-of-life care and respite home, O’Neill House in Prahran, Victoria. Timed to coincide with Palliative Care Week 2023, Re Aged Care spoke with the VMCH CEO Sonya Smart about O’Neill House, the training to staff and the level of palliative support given to residents.

Overview of End of Life Directions for Aged Care (ELDAC)

ELDAC stands for End of Life Directions for Aged Care. It is an Australian national project that aims to improve the quality of end-of-life care provided to older people in residential aged care facilities. The project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and began in 2015.

Re Aged Care spoke with Dr Priyanka Vandersman, an End of Life Directions for Aged Care Research Fellow, at the Research Centre for Palliative Care, Death and Dying, Flinders University about ELDAC and its importance for the aged care workers and residents. Timed to coincide with Palliative Care Week 2023, the interview was captured at the ARIIA Facing the Future: Aged Care 2030 and Beyond Conference in Adelaide in May.

5 Key priorities in Aged Care, according to a Geriatrician

Geriatrician Professor Susan Kurrle is Curran Professor in Health Care of Older People at the Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney.

Professor Kurrle is a practicing geriatrician for the Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD), specialising in the areas of dementia, frailty, elder abuse, successful ageing, and intergenerational care.

In this Re Aged Care segment, Professor Kurrle talks about the 5 key priorities in aged care reform, from the point of few of a geriatrician, especially those that are living with dementia.

Aged Care homes rescued and transformed

Jason Binder is the Managing Directory and Chief Executive Officer of Respect Group Limited. Although, the organisation has its origins dating back to 1922, its ability to rescue and transform aged care homes start a little over a decade ago.

As Jason explains, his role was elevated from middle management to senior management upon the sudden departure of the Executive team. With the COO, Brett Menzies, the two new senior managers, whilst in their early thirties, put together a plan to rescue the organisation from near bankruptcy, and delivered it to the Respect board. It was accepted and the executed plan was able to turn around the organisation.

Dental and oral health care priorities for the elderly

In 2023, there are a number of changes occurring in dental services including the start of a new Senate inquiry and new registered nurses in residential aged care. Yet in the meantime there are gaps and delays in dental and oral health interventions for elderly Australians, unless training is more widely deployed.

Re Aged Care spoke to Leonie Short, a dental therapist working for Seniors Dental Care Australia on what she considers are dental and oral health priorities for the elderly, based on her work in the aged, home and disability sectors.

Exploring motivation in care workforce shortages

In a wide ranging report looking at the carer needs across Australia, PwC Australia published Reimagine Care Workforce Solutions in October 2022.

Australian Health Journal spoke with Kerryn Dillon, Director Ageing and Reablement and Health Workforce at PwC Australia about the community care sectors of aged care, disability care and childcare the report covers.

Smart diaper improves quality of life in residential aged care

Nurses have a pivotal role to play in the widespread implementation and adoption of digital health technologies throughout the healthcare sector for the primary purpose of improving safety and quality of patient care.

Australian Health Journal talked to two of Australian top leaders in nursing and in digital health on how the role of nursing is pivotal to the success of digital health in the Australian health system.

Applying creativity in wellness and reablement in residential aged care

Real World Games are a series of events that mimic typical obstacles older adults may face in the community. Each event incorporates a different environment, skill and challenge. Over 4 weeks, each competitor will receive the support and training of their allied health team to conquer challenges. These challenges have been designed for varying mobility and functional levels, as well as some challenges for the trainers, for all involved to compete.

The games will culminate in a live-streamed event where competitors from across Australia will compete against each residential aged care centre.

The aim is to make as many older adults as possible, community ambulant, whilst using creativity to give older Australians a sense of fun in the activity.

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