Superslayer taking on antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Dr Katharina Richter,
University of Adelaide
Filmed November 2023

Dr Katharina Richter is a visionary leader in MedTech, acclaimed for innovation and gender diversity. With over 40 awards to her name, including MIT Innovator Under 35 Asia-Pacific, and Prime Minister’s Prize for New Innovator finalist, she has shattered barriers as an entrepreneur, scientist, and ‘superbug slayer.’ Katharina’s groundbreaking work in combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria has resulted in 6 innovative treatments, 3 of which are patented, offering hope against deadly infections.

Katharina champions gender diversity, serving as a role model for aspiring female leaders. Her international impact is undeniable, as she elevates Australian MedTech on the global stage through panels, collaborations and media engagements. Katharina’s leadership extends to various committees and organisations, where she nurtures the next generation of MedTech

leaders through mentorship and career-development initiatives. Her remarkable journey  showcases her as a true pioneer, leaving an indelible mark on both the MedTech industry and the advancement of women within it.

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