Clinical guidelines for diagnostics and early intervention in Primary Aldosteronism


Associate Professor Jun Yang (Filmed May 2024)
Head of Endocrine Hypertension Group, Hudson Institute of Medical Research
Consultant Endocrinologist at Monash Health &
Senior Researcher in Department of Medicine at Monash University, Victoria, Australia

Associate Professor Jun Yang is the Head of the Endocrine Hypertension Group at Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Consultant Endocrinologist at Monash Health and Senior Researcher in the Department of Medicine at Monash University, Victoria, Australia.  

Yang graduated from Monash University with a MBBS (Hon) in 2001, obtained the FRACP in 2010 and completed her PhD on tissue-selective coregulators of the mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) in 2013.

She has continued basic and clinical research in the field of MR-driven cardiovascular disease, in particular, primary aldosteronism.  Primary Aldosteronism (PA), or Conn Syndrome, is the most commonly under-diagnosed cause of high blood pressure affecting millions of people. Jun’s goal is to facilitate the diagnosis of every case of PA and make treatment widely available to all communities including the disadvantaged.

She established the Endocrine Hypertension Service in 2016 and co-leads the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Primary Aldosteronism.

“My main interest lies in the translation of primary aldosteronism research into revised clinical guidelines, improved diagnostic tools and transformed practice to help patients. In addition, I am identifying the earliest point of disease occurrence with the aim of enabling earlier intervention and return to health”, says Associate Professor Yang.

Together with national and international collaborators, her research program seeks to improve the detection and understanding of primary aldosteronism to achieve improved patient outcomes.  

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