At the frontier of human cellular neuroscience research

Assoc Professor Cedric Bardy, SAHMRI (2023)
Director of The Laboratory for Human Neurophysiology, Genetics & Stem Cells
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) &
Professor, Flinders University
Adelaide, South Australia
Filmed November 2023

Associate Professor Cedric Bardy is the Director of The Laboratory for Human Neurophysiology, Genetics & Stem Cells, located at SAHMRI. South Australia.

His current research uses preclinical, patient-derived cell models to test innovative therapeutic strategies, with a current focus on Parkinson’s disease, brain cancer and childhood dementia (Sanfilippo syndrome).

His work has established a platform to facilitate the discovery and validation of treatments for brain disorders. Their research is at the frontier of human cellular neuroscience research and translational applications that benefit global public health.

In particular, Cedric is the inventor of BrainPhys; a neuronal medium broadly used to culture human neurons in vitro, commercialised by STEMCELL Technologies.

The ability to grow human brain cells in a petri dish opens up new possibilities for research and discovery in neuroscience.

The BrainPhys medium allows human brain cells to function as they would in the adult human brain, revolutionizing research in labs across the world.

Cedric Bardy’s research enables researchers to study human brain disorders in a more physiological context, potentially leading to new treatments for brain cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Cedric Bardy’s international journey from France to Canada to Australia and then to the United States showcases the global nature of scientific research and collaboration.

The passion for neuroscience stems from the fact that everything we care about as humans is influenced by brain activity.

Cedric Bardy is passionate about finding ways to treat the brain when things go wrong, showing a deep commitment to neurological research.

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