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Angus Pryor is the Founder and CEO of Dental Marketing Solutions. In April 2023, Dental Marketing Solutions won the Australian Dental Industry Award for Marketing on a second occasion, the first being in 2020. 

Convened by the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), the Australian Dental Industry Awards recognise excellence in the provision of quality products and services that support the work of dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals. 

After receiving his latest award, Angus spoke with Australian Health Journal.

By his estimate he’s delivered over 10,000 hours of consulting to dentists in Australia and internationally. In addition to the ADIA awards, his company has been the recipient of a number of other industry awards.

To Angus marketing deals with human psychology as well being part science and part art. He proclaims, “If dentists are serious about growing their business, they need to take marketing seriously”. 

Today, competition in the dental industry is at an all time high. 

According to Angus, “For more than a decade now, the number of practising dentists has increased at a rate two and a half times faster than the Australian population.” 

Further, Angus has seen specialists in the dental sphere getting less referrals from general practitioner dentists. As he explains, general practitioner dentists are now doing more implants in house, more wisdom teeth, and even orthodontics. For a heavily referral based business, this can significantly impact the practice.

He offers 3 options to counter this

  1. Seeking more referrals from other practices
  2. Marketing direct to consumers
  3. Delivering lots of education and constantly engaging general dental practice

Winning the Australian Dental Industry Award for Marketing has had a big impact to Dental Marketing Solutions. As Angus comments in closing, “Receiving the award is social proof to say, well, these guys must know something, because an independent body of their peers has assessed them and said”. He added, “Certainly it’s been good in terms of building our business.”

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