Stroke in working age adults

Stroke can happen to anyone of any age. Men are at greater risk of stroke and as we get older our risk increases. However, stroke is preventable for many. Some of the causes include high blood pressure, being overweight, smoking, high cholesterol, a high intake of alcohol and diabetes.

Our Purpose Pilot Episode 1

Working with purpose empowers and engenders growth, whilst working without it drains and depletes lives – in short going to work should be good. Come with us to Orange County USA to meet 4 women, running 3 diverse businesses, who clearly understand that work should be good for all involved; for staff, for customers and for the business. These women are all driven by a purpose which lies outside commercial reality, yet paradoxically drives it.

Segway wheels keep turning

Anne Dao meets John Peng from Segway-Ninebot


REFACTURED Pilot Episode launches, with coverage on research institute engagement with industry, Application of communications, AI (Artificial Intelligence) IoT (Internet of Things) into manufactured devices and 3D printing across industry, including prototyping

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