Our Purpose Pilot Episode 1

PREMIER EPISODE: Our Purpose, Orange County Edition.
Working with purpose empowers and engenders growth, whilst working without it drains and depletes lives – in short going to work should be good. Come with us to Orange County USA to meet 4 women, running 3 diverse businesses, who clearly understand that work should be good for all involved; for staff, for customers and for the business. These women are all driven by a purpose which lies outside commercial reality, yet paradoxically drives it.

Jennifer Savio is president of Beach Drapery, a second-generation family business. Jennifer, whose initiatives include staff wellness activities (including ice-cream tasting!), wants her team and clients to feel like family – and is clearly succeeding with staff and customer longevity a hallmark of the business.

Twin sisters, Jenny Dinnen and Katie Rucker are joint presidents of the MacKenzie Corp, a small and mighty market research company. This pair walk the talk about customer experience, often sending staff directly into the field –including the thrill and spill of the power sports industry. A family focused business, they are driven by the desire to have a positive impact on the lives of staff, customers and suppliers.

Rachel Svoboda is founder of Sunday Brunch Agency, a full-service advertising agency – with no agency. Her business model is not constrained to a bricks and mortar location but rather extends to include the client’s workspace or even the local hairdresser. Rachel, simply wants to ‘do good’ cultivating a culture of care.

‘Officers eat last.’ What does this mean and, if you are not in the armed forces, how is it relevant? In this thought-provoking piece, Our Purpose shares with us the privilege of listening to Viet Vet Larry Eastland. Hear about lessons learnt and purpose derived from a life of serving as an officer and at the Whitehouse under four different presidents. Find out how the principal of ‘Officers eat last’ applies to our work, our family life and our community, and in the era of the information avalanche – a challenge not faced by any other generation in history – what can older people offer the next generation?

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