All AUDIENCED show content is produced with the production goal of balance, accuracy, quality and access to our stories. Our controls include, verification on factual statements where ever possible, consent and approvals from each individual filmed and included in our show channels.

News content does not aim to be exhaustive and we don’t wish to be seen as a traditional news media service. Instead our news sources typically originate from the not-for-profit sector.

Where content originates from a for-profit enterprise, we mark the piece as “Sponsored by,” to ensure full disclosure. We do not directly advertise products within our show channels.

All of our content is available free of charge across most digital channels, including Website, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Where content is regulated by law, we restrict this to groups.

If you feel any of our content does not meet our ethical and quality standards, you are able to let us know your concerns, by sending the URL link to When doing so, please state the concern and we will address is directly with you, either by return email or phone call.

Where film or written content is found to be incorrect, misleading or construed, we will take appropriate action. This can include correction, apology or removal of the news segment.